Welcome to Kickoff!


Evening programming

7-8pm: Club Presentation (what to expect from the BDC this year; overview of student personas; intro to Rotman Design Challenge; other Business Design outlets at Rotman)

8pm-10pm: Q&A with club execs + 2nd years; networking; snacks & drinks

BDC execs will be wearing black club t-shirts - we are here to answer all questions!

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3.22.16 PM.png

*tip for tonight* Pick your persona! It will help guide you through the club this year.

Questions to consider

What is Business Design (BD) and how is it different from Design Thinking?

What industries use BD? How do I find jobs in the field?

Besides the club, what else does Rotman offer for BD?

Service design, systems design, design thinking…help! How are they different?

How can I become a BDC exec next year?

How can I best prepare for the Rotman Design Challenge (RDC)?

What is a portfolio and do I need one?

What’s the benefit of doing a design sprint?

Do I need to be artistic to be a business designer? (Head's up, answer is NO!)

List of events