Students and the Club

Student Personas

Whether you’re totally new to Business Design or you’ve practiced it professionally, the BDC has something for you! Our wide array of events are specifically designed with Rotman students in mind.

To keep our focus when designing events, we built three ‘Rotman Student Personas’.

Which one are you? Look out for the persona name in the event descriptions to get a better sense of what to prioritize.


I have heard that Business Design is a big thing at Rotman and want to know more. I am new to the concepts, but I have a curiosity to see what I could learn and how I might borrow the methodology for the occasional project or task.

The BDC will:

- Guide you to places you can learn more
- Help you integrate concepts into a problem-solving toolkit
- Empower you to speak confidently on the benefits of your chosen role


I am familiar with the concepts and the tools that I can use strategically in my future. I understand how the different exercises fit together in a sprint but want to practice surfacing some unexpected needs and how to manage stakeholders through ideation and prototyping.

The BDC will:

- Arm you with design toolkits
- Show you what to use and when
- Find roles where Business Design will shape your contribution, if not your job description


I live and breathe Business Design. I am deep in the weeds with the different methodologies, have experience with ethnographic research and have my sights set on a role which allows me to use Business Design on a daily basis.

The BDC will:

- Help expand the nuance of your understanding
- Position and help navigate you through experiences, connections and with portfolio building