2019 - 2020 Events


Event Policies

  • Students must register for events on RWorld in order to attend. Registrations are first come, first served unless otherwise stated.

  • If you are registered for an event but find you cannot attend, you must cancel with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event.

  • We adhere to a strict strike policy. You may receive a strike for: not showing up to an event you are registered for, arriving late, or any inappropriate behaviour. If you receive two strikes, you will be barred from attending the next two club events.

  • The club reserves the right to turn people away who have not properly registered for an event.



Kick-Off Party  — WTF is Business Design? We feel you… We had all these questions in 1st year and didn't see how this mindset laddered into career opportunities. The kick off will give you a whistle stop tour of the major concepts and opportunities and signpost how you learn more over your next two years.  

I Know What You Did Last Summer  — Ever wonder what Business Design might mean from a career perspective? We certainly did. We’ve assembled a selection of second year students who used BD principles in different ways in their internships. This is designed to prepare you in case design thinking pops up unexpectedly (as it did for some people this year!) as well as to showcase how some students intentionally built their summer around making this toolkit a mindset. This event will have something for everyone, the Ninjas, Translators and Explorers amongst us (see the BDC Student page to understand more). Come with your best questions and we look forward to sharing our summer stories.

Design Sprint: Creating an Inclusive Rotman Community  — The BDC has partnered with Rotman’s GBC for the first ever design sprint during Diversity & Inclusion week! Geared for incoming students who are new to Business Design, this limited-capacity sprint will give you a chance to get your hands dirty in the design methodology and compete for a cash prize.


Toronto Design Trek — Led by industry professionals, these office tours offer an insider’s look of companies using design thinking.


Pathways in Design Thinking — Co-hosted by the Rotman Career Centre, this presentation and panel teaches members about the many career paths and real-world applications of design thinking. 

Design X — The show stopper BDC event has arrived. Think of this as the most fun networking session in your calendar and a chance to understand the career opportunities in Business Design. You’ll be able to see the variety of career paths and opportunities for both Ninjas and Translators. There will be pure play service design agencies, large companies with deep design thinking expertise and organizations you would never have expected to be heroing the toolkit.

Interview + Portfolio Workshop — Don't forget about your portfolio! This one is for the Ninjas who will need this for full time and internship applications, or if you are a curious Translator and want to make sure you have the examples you will need should you decide to apply. It's a chance to ask questions, learn the basics and kick start the focus now that your resume is done and dusted.


Wind down for exams and winter break!



Toronto Design Trek #2 — Led by industry professionals, these office tours offer an insider’s look of companies using design thinking.


Rotman Design Challenge Kickoff & Workshops  — This month-long competition brings together top talent from leading graduate schools around the world to solve a business design challenge posed by an innovative and forward-thinking sponsor. 

Salon — Do you know a thing or two about the details of the design methodologies? Then this is an event for you! Our Ninjas will love the opportunity to have deeper conversations with industry professionals. This is not a networking event, it's a chance to explore each others’ minds and think deeply about a subject everyone in the room is passionate about (although, if you make a good connection, we salute you). Come prepared to think and debate but also to listen and learn so we can all leave the room smarter than when we went in.


Rotman Design Challenge (Weekend-Long) — Participants get an invaluable experience: feedback from real-world practitioners, networking with the design thinking community, and a chance to win a cash prize. Join us for an unforgettable weekend in Toronto, Canada.


Portfolio Speed Dating — Now that you've pulled together a portfolio you might be at a bit of a loss to know if it’s up to scratch and what improvements to make. I’m sure you've already checked it against a few people but this will be an invaluable chance to get rapid fire feedback. We have invited a selection of industry experts who have volunteered to rotate through this session and give 10 minutes of feedback. These are the people who will be reviewing your portfolio when you apply so don’t miss this chance to have a dry run. This event is aimed at Ninjas for whom applications are a live concern and will be particularly useful for second years.

Industry Night — Eagerly anticipated throughout the industry, this event is an opportunity to network with a wide range of companies in a fun setting. It's about becoming part of the Business Design community without any circles of death. Definitely an event not to be missed.